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Discussion Guide for 9/21 CAEECC Meeting Session Nos. 6-10

Today’s discussions about the voluntary draft sector chapters will be most productive if stakeholders come prepared not only with comments and questions from having read the draft chapters but with expectations calibrated to where we are in the process at this point. Below we provide a few thoughts about how to approach these discussions in order to produce the best collective results.


  1. We will discuss each of the five submitted voluntary chapters sequentially as per the meeting agenda (approximately 40-50 minutes per chapter). 

  2. The PAs will not be making presentations on the voluntary chapters. These sessions are comment, question and answer format.

  3. The PAs have been working hard to produce these draft chapters. They are not final documents. The Business Plan drafting process is new to everyone. Not all items in the August 18 Final Decision were expected to be captured in these preliminary drafts. Stakeholders are asked to approach their review with these considerations in mind. 

  4. In case we run tight on time, please prioritize your most important questions and comments for the meeting. Lesser comments can be submitted in writing after the meeting.

  5. For chapters where there appear to be quite a number of comments/questions queuing up in the meeting, the Facilitator may guide the discussion along a specific pathway so that related comments can be addressed together.

  6. Time permitting, we will address questions and comments from the public during each chapter discussion session. If not all input can be addressed during the session, public input may be deferred until the general public input session at 5pm. 

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