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What's New for Subcommittee Co-Chairs

Subcommittee Meeting Scheduling Updates 

Dates for Stage 2 non-res/com subcommittee meetings have been set as follows:

      5/2 - Public (NorCal and SoCal)

      5/3 - Workforce Education & Training (NorCal and SoCal)

      5/4 - Codes & Standards and Emerging Technologies (NorCal and SoCal)

      5/5 - Industrial (SoCal and webinar)

      5/13 - Agricultural and follow up webinar for Public with in-person option                (Fresno and webinar)

More information to follow.

Click here to access Calendar

Stakeholder Input Opportunities

  • Residential and Commercial “Pre-Stage 2 presentation input” is due March 31, 2016. Click here for guidance.

  • Input for Public, Industrial, Agricultural, Emerging Technologies, Codes & Standards, and Workforce Education & Training sectors is due April 12, 2016. Click here for guidance.

  • There will be a follow-up webinar approximately one week after the Stage 2 presentation to collect additional input.

  • Stakeholders have 2 weeks from Stage 2 presentations to provide written input (details coming soon).

  • Please encourage your network to participate in these important input opportunities. 

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