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February 27 CAEECC Working Group Ad Hoc  Meeting on Disadvantaged Workers

CAEECC held a Work Group on Disadvantaged Workers on Tuesday February 27 from 3 to 4 pm, at NRDC's San Francisco offices at 111 Sutter Street @ Montgomery; 21st floor - Twin Peaks room.  Remote participation was available via the Blue Jeans system.

Heading 1

Meeting Objectives: Recognizing that following our Feb 15-16 meeting, CAEECC members are open to having a discussion targeted at filings and/or responses: 

  • Consider definitions of disadvantaged workers

  • Narrow areas of divergence and pinpoint areas of convergence; strive for consensus

  • Develop specific proposals and language to inform pending filings and/or non-IOU comments on the IOU motion

  • Distill key comments and observations

Meeting Agenda:

  1. Getting organized, recap the setting

  2. Definitions

  3. Data Sources

  4. Specific Organizing Questions

    • Does the IOU proposal cover the same constituents covered by the non-IOU proposals?

    • If not, what additional CalEnviro Screen categories should be added?   

    • If no CalEnviro Screen categories cover all non-IOU proposed DA workers, what is a feasible proposal that can be operationalized consistently to address the remaining gaps?

5. Recap and Synthesis; next steps

Draft Meeting Summary available here.


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