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CAEECC Overview and Key Documents


The California Energy Efficiency Coordinating Committee (CAEECC) was authorized by California Public Utilities Commission Decision 15-10-028 and launched in January, 2016.


During 2016, this forum served as the stakeholder input venue for the development of the Program Administrators' energy efficiency Business Plans (filed with the CPUC in January 2017). Moving forward, CAEECC will be used as an opportunity for stakeholders to provide input on related A.17-01-013 et al. matters and R.13-11.005 Phase 3 issues.

Coordinating Committee member organizations and their lead representatives, as well as Ex-Officio members can be found on this page.

Note: CAEECC is not a decision-making body. Policy decision authority remains with the CPUC and final portfolio decisions are made by the Program Administrators. New CAEECC Member applications are typically solicited and decided upon during the first quarter of each year.

Key Documents

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