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CPUC Regulatory Documents

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The Energy Efficiency proceeding is Rulemaking 13-11-005.

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Key Energy Efficiency Decisions:

D.23-08-005 - Adopts energy efficiency goals for 2024-2035

D.23-06-055 - Authorizes energy efficiency portfolios for 2024-2027 and business plans for 2024-2031

D.23-04-009 - Grants the use of unspent energy efficiency funding for CAEECC’s Compensation Pilot

D.23-02-002 - Addresses energy efficiency third-party processes and other issues

D.21-12-011 - Addresses Energy Efficiency actions to enhance Summer 2022 and 2023 electric reliability

D.21-09-037 - Adopts energy efficiency goals for 2022-2032

D.21-05-031 - Assesses energy efficiency potential and goals policy decision and modification of portfolio                         approval and oversight process

D.19-12-021-  About frameworks for energy efficiency Regional Energy Network (RENs) and Market                                     Transformation

D.19-08-034 - Adopts energy efficiency goals for 2020-2030

D.19-08-006 - Adopts standard contract for energy efficiency Local Government Partnerships (LGPs)

D.18-10-008 - Addresses workforce requirements and third-party contract terms and conditions

D.18-05-041 - Addresses energy efficiency business plans

D.18-01-004 - Addresses third party solicitation process for energy efficiency programs

D.17-09-025 - Adopts energy efficiency goals for 2018-2030

D.16-08-019 - Provides guidance for initial energy efficiency rolling portfolio business plan filing

D.15-10-028 - About energy efficiency goals for 2016 and beyond and energy efficiency rolling portfolio                             mechanics

D.14-10-046 - establishes energy efficiency savings goals and approves 2015 energy efficiency programs                         and budgets

D.14-01-033 - Enables Community Choice Aggregators (CCAs) to administer energy efficiency programs -                         January 23, 2014

D.12-11-015 - Approves 2013-2014 energy efficiency programs and budgets

D.12-05-015 - Provides guidance on 2013-2014 energy efficiency portfolios and 2012 marketing,                                         education, and outreach

D.09-09-047 - Approves 2010 to 2012 energy efficiency portfolios and budgets




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