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9/28/2017 Ad Hoc California Behavior Working Group Meeting

Time: 9am - Noon

Place: PG&E's Pacific Energy Center, San Francisco

Remote Access:

Context: In response to SB 350 and other recent legislation, California IOUs have been working with the Energy Division and stakeholders to redefine behavioral programs to allow broader recognition of these programs and their energy savings.  The principal focus of these efforts is the development of a common framework for designing behavior based programs that identifies the key characteristics that distinguish those programs from traditional energy efficiency or distributed energy resource programs.  Given the unique technical issues associated with behavioral program design and rules, this meeting was organized to engage CAEECC stakeholders and provide a forum for to provide updates on progress to date and invite comments and review.


Purpose: Provide stakeholders with an overview of recent and past efforts to establish new guidance on behavioral programs in California with a focus on recent discussions of the behavioral working group and a preview of some of the core elements of the new guidelines emerging from the working group discussions.


Objective: Receive stakeholder feedback on progress to date and communicate next steps in the process.


Draft Agenda:

  1. The History and Purpose of the Behavior Framework Effort

  2. The Purpose of the Energy Behavior Working Group

  3. Summary of Working Group Recommendations

  4. Next Steps and Opportunities for CAEECC Review

  5. Discussion and Q&A

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