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Comparison Document

Note:  At the 12/7/16 CC Meeting, work on the Comparison Document was terminated and the CC members agreed that a comparison document would not be presented to the Commission as originally proposed below. The file above was revised after the meeting with language to confirm termination of this effort. 

The purpose of this document is to provide the Commission with a summary of the non-consensus items raised at the CAEECC, the discussion, alternatives, and which stakeholders support which option. The intent of this document is two-fold. First, to allow the Commissioner and Judge to make a more informed decision on these matters. Second, to minimize the need for stakeholders to write extensive comments since previous discussions are being put on the record in this format. Stakeholders of course have the opportunity to expound on their position in formal comments, but are strongly encouraged to reference the Comparison Document to make comments more succinct.


To take advantage of our last in person meeting before the filing, please come ready to identify:

  1. Any additional proposal information provided since our discussion for the proposal. We will include a link to such information (this is not for new documents, but rather documents ALREADY submitted to the facilitator that are relevant and should be included in the record if not already). It will be included in the Comparison Document with an “*” stating that this is supplemental information that is relevant to the dialogue but not discussed at the CAEECC.

  2. Gaps, corrections, additions to the discussion and alternatives columns

  3. Stakeholder positions for proposal, alternative, or (if we have it) “other position” column. This is critical to making this document useful.

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