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Solicitation Resources


Request for Abstracts (RFAs)

5-31-2024 10am-11am PT Webinar: Small Business Energy Advantage New Program Launch

Webinar Registration:

  • Small Business Energy Advantage Draft Implementation Plan (posted 5-30-2024) (Download PDF)

  • Webinar Slides (posted 5-30-2024) (Download PDF)

Request for Qualifications (RFQs)

Request for Offers 2023-04 

MCE Flex Market Program Implementation (posted 11-7-2023) (Download PDF of complete RFO)

  1. Notice of Interest: A notice of interest in submitting a proposal/offer is not required, however, it is useful for the evaluation process. No later than the deadline for submitting questions, all parties interested in responding to this RFO are encouraged, but not required, to notify MCE via email of the intent to submit a proposal/offer. This notice creates no obligation to submit a proposal/offer but will ensure that interested parties are copied on MCE’s responses to questions submitted by other potential respondents. Notices must be sent to and should include the respondent’s company name and email contact information, referencing “MCE RFO 2023-04 Flex Market Program Implementation – Notice of Interest” in the subject line. 

  2. Deadline for Questions. Any questions related to the content of this RFO must be submitted to no later than November 9th, 2023 at 4:00pm

  3. Deadline for Responses. MCE Responses to all questions received will be sent to all respondents that submitted questions and/or provided a complete Notice of Interest via email by November 16th, 2023, at 4:00pm. 

  4. Submission Deadline. To be eligible for considerations, all responses must be submitted via the below Egnyte upload link, in either .pdf or .docx (Word) file format, no later than 4:00pm on November 22nd, 2023: 

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