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Statewide State of California (“SoC”) Request for Abstract (“RFA”) Bid Event #104663


On May 13, 2020, PG&E released its Statewide State of California (SoC) Solicitation Process for Energy Efficiency Programs. PG&E is soliciting a Request for Abstract (RFA) from third-party implementers to seek a high-level summary of an innovative statewide energy savings program identifying implementer’s experience and capabilities to serve the State of California (SoC) locations within the investor-owned utilities (IOU) service territories.


All related RFA materials are available on PG&E EE Solicitations Website and available within PowerAdvocate.


The schedule for the SoC RFA is as follows:

  • RFA release – May 13, 2020

  • Bidders Conference Webinar – May 21, 2020 *

  • Bidders Abstracts Due – June 24, 2020


Bidders who are interested in submitting a bid package or submit questions into the Statewide RFA for the SoC facilities will need to register with PowerAdvocate.  To register at PowerAdvocate, click on the following link:


*Registration in PowerAdvocate is not required to attend the Bidders’ Conference.  Further details about PG&E’s Bidders’ Conference is available on PG&E’s EE Solicitations Website


Interested Bidders should contact PowerAdvocate for technical issues with registration.  PowerAdvocate can be reached at (857) 453-5800 or

On April 12, 2020, PG&E issued the Workforce Education & Training (WE&T) RFAs for the Career Connections and the Career and Workforce Readiness 

“Workforce Education and Training: Career Connections” RFA #103339  

“Workforce Education and Training: Career and Workforce Readiness” RFA #103286 

Two Opportunities Below:

1) Title: Energy Efficiency Statewide New Construction Program: Abstracts/Proposals #92647
Location: Statewide
Bidder Response Due Date: June 28, 2019
Opportunity Description:

Pursuant to the CPUC D.18-05-041, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (“PG&E”) on behalf of the Statewide Investor-Owned Utilities (IOUs) is issuing a Request for Abstracts (“RFA”) from Third-Party (“3P”) Energy Efficiency (EE) program implementers to design, propose, and implement statewide residential and nonresidential new construction EE program(s). 3P EE programs resulting from this solicitation will contribute toward the IOUs’ 3P outsourcing milestones established by the CPUC in D.18-01-004 and Statewide IOUs’ outsourcing targets established in D.16-08-019.

This is a two-stage solicitation process: First is the RFA where PG&E will collect Bidder’s program ideas; and only Bidder’s selected in the RFA will be invited to participate in the Request for Proposal (RFP) to submit their full program viability, cost-effectiveness and implementation details. 

Bidder Abstracts need to be a high-level summary of their program design, innovation and implementer experience and capabilities. All RFA related information will be posted on the PG&E’s Solicitations Website and available within PowerAdvocate when this RFA is released. 

This RFA was released May 28, 2019. This RFA’s Bidder’s conference is currently scheduled for June 6, 2019 between 9am - 11am PST via WebEx.

This RFA Bidder Response Due Date is June 28, 2019.

Interested bidders must register with PowerAdvocate at this link:

Interested bidders should contact PowerAdvocate for technical issues with registration. PowerAdvocate can be reached at (857) 453-5800 or

PG&E EE Solicitations website:



2) Title: Local Government Partnerships Energy Efficiency Programs – Request for Abstracts # 92333

Location: PG&E Service Territory

Date: May 23, 2019

Opportunity Description:

In accordance with Decision (“D.”) 18-01-004 – Decision Addressing Third-Party Solicitation Process for Energy Efficiency (“EE”) programs, PG&E is issuing a Request for Abstracts (“RFA”) soliciting abstracts from third-party EE program implementers to design, propose and ultimately implement EE programs.


In this solicitation, PG&E is seeking non-resource Local Government Partnership (“LGP”) EE program Abstracts which focus on the Public customer sector and Hard to Reach (“HTR”) and Disadvantaged Community (“DAC”) customer groups throughout PG&E’s service territory.


This is a two-stage solicitation process where PG&E will first collect program Abstracts prior to collecting full program proposals in a subsequent Request for Proposals (“RFP”). The Abstracts are intended to be a high-level summary of program design, innovation, and Bidder’s experience and capabilities. A detailed assessment of program viability, alignment with PG&E’s energy efficiency portfolio goals, applicable California legislative drivers and CPUC regulatory policies will be reviewed in the following RFP. Only Bidders selected through this RFA process will be eligible to submit a full program proposal in response to the RFP.


This is a targeted solicitation for non-resource LGP Programs and is limited to Bidders who fit at least one of the following eligibility criteria:

  • Existing lead local partners (“LLPs”) of current LGP Programs

  • Local governments

  • Entities who have an existing relationship with local government(s) and who can leverage local government expertise, access and infrastructure to implement energy efficiency programs


Bidders who do not meet at least one of these criteria will not be scored.


This solicitation will open on May 23, 2019. All RFA related documents will be posted on the PG&E EE Solicitations website and available within PowerAdvocate once the solicitation has been opened.


Information provided to Bidders will include:

  • Bid submission forms

  • Bidders conference registration instructions

  • Instructions on how to submit an Abstract

  • Solicitation timeline and important dates

  • References to relevant regulatory decisions

  • Tools and trainings


PG&E will host a Bidder’s conference online via WebEx on June 5, 2019 from 9:00am – 12:00am PST to review the RFA structure and the abstract submission process. Please note that this event will be online only and not in-person. Please save the date accordingly.


Interested bidders must register with PowerAdvocate at this link:


Interested bidders should contact PowerAdvocate for technical issues with registration. PowerAdvocate can be reached at (857) 453-5800 or


PG&E EE Solicitations website: