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Policy Letter

Note: It was agreed at the December 7, 2016 CC meeting that Parties who are interested in including parts of draft content initially developed for the now-terminated Policy Letter in their January and February filings and protests can contact directly for more information. This draft content has not, however, been vetted by CAEECC and therefore is not posted on this website.

Given the discussion at the last meeting, we propose that CAEECC not submit a policy letter but rather CAEECC leadership could provide template information for the items discussed if that’s of interest. PAs can then include the items in their Application and/or parties can comment on the items in their formal comments. The items that were under consideration for the policy letter after the discussion at the 11/16 meeting include: (1) Improving data access issues, (2) clarifying/updating the hard-to-reach definition, (3) requesting that fuel-switching be in scope of Phase 3 for R.13-11-005, and (4) addressing policy issues surrounding the incremental measure cost. Additional items that could be considered in scope of staff authority include controls, real and unintended consequences, market analysis.

Please review the attached draft matrix that distinguishes the different types of Data Access Challenges that members have raised in an effort to focus the discussion on Wednesday towards those issues needing policy attention.   

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