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Commercial Strategic Energy Management (SEM) – Optional Bidder’s Conference

Optional Public Bidders' Webinar
Date: 9-27-2023 - 9 am-10:30 am
Microsoft Teams: 

Click here to join the meeting

SoCalGas is offering an optional RFP Bidder’s Web Conference to provide an explanation of the RFP process, provide an overview of the RFP Package and answer questions bidders may have.

Bidder’s attendance is optional, but it is highly recommended. Bidders are advised to ensure the Conference is attended by appropriate staff members in their organizations.

If Bidders have any questions prior to the Bidder’s Conference, please use the Messaging Tool in Ariba.

How to join the Bidder’s Conference via Web:

The Bidder’s conference is online only. It will be conducted through Microsoft Teams Live event. Click here to join the meeting: Commercial SEM RFP Optional Bidders Webinar

How to submit questions during the Bidder’s Conference:

To ask any questions you may have during the conference, utilize the Question and Answer tool on the right panel of the Microsoft Teams Live event.

NOTES: There is no limit to the number of participants via the web. This session will be recorded and uploaded to Ariba following the conclusion of the webinar.

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