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Compensation Task Force


This Task Force is charged to develop a compensation mechanism for eligible members to pilot (Compensation Pilot) for a future Working Group focused on CAEECC’s Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) efforts. While the Compensation TF’s scope will focus primarily on funding for the JEDI-focused WG, if relevant, its recommendations could inform funding for other CAEECC activities. 

Meeting Dates


Key Documents 

D2304009 Decision Granting Motion of SoCalRen to Use Energy Funds for CAEECC (posted 4-10-24) (Download PDF)

R.13-11-005_SoCalREN_Motion_CAEECC_WG_Report_11292022 (posted 4-10-24) (Download PDF)

Compensation Task Force Final Report (posted 10-24-22 rev.11-22-22) (Download PDF)

Anonymous Compensation Task Force Process Evaluation Results (posted 10-17-22) (Download PDF)

EE Glossary Handout (posted 6-6-22) (Download PDF)

Compensation Task Force Draft Scope of Work (posted 6-1-22) (Download PDF)

CDEI Working Group Final Report - pub. date 4-4-22 (posted 8-30-22) (Download PDF


Roster for Compensation Task Force (posted 6-27-22)

Resource Library

EBCE Board and CAC Stipend Review (6.6.22)


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