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Evolving CAEECC Working Group Written Opportunities


Written Opportunity #1: Statement for Full CAEECC Quarterly Meeting on 11/29


We invited optional written statements by Working Group Members to be posted to the CAEECC website ahead of the Full CAEECC Quarterly Meeting #40. Members could write whatever they liked within 1500 characters and the Community Agreements. Statements were due November 22 at 12pm PT via the survey. View statements (Download PDF Statements). 

Written Opportunity #2: Reflection Compilation

The Facilitation Team is no longer hosting a joint meeting space for the Evolving CAEECC Working Group.


In an effort to honor the thoughtfulness, ideas, and creativity of this group, and inspired by Jemez Principle #3: Let People Speak for Themselves, we have come up with a way for everyone’s views to be expressed in their own words to CAEECC, CPUC staff and decision makers, and the public. All working group members, individually, or in groups of your choice, can submit written reflections, ideas, and considerations to be compiled unedited for submission to the CPUC. The intention of this compilation process is to help inform the Commission on how to move forward. Submissions are due April 12, 2024 by 12pm PT (view Instructions below).


These reflections are encouraged, but completely optional.

Instructions for Optional Written Opportunity Reflection Compilation (posted 11-15-2023, revised 02-14-2024) (Download PDF Instructions)


  • Due: April 12, 2024 by 12pm PT (note, date has been extended)

  • Format: PDF preferred, and word doc/google doc supported. If not as a PDF, the Facilitation Team will convert it.

  • Recommended Maximum Length: 10 pages, Letter-sized

  • Limit to one submission per Working Group Member

  • If folks do not have software to write their own documents, please contact who will provide you a private Google Doc.

Please view instructions PDF above for all requirements and processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about this written reflection, please email the facilitation team at

  • What will the Evolving CAEECC WG do?
    The Evolving CAEECC WG will: Evaluate the current CAEECC Purpose, Objectives, Structure, and Processes and identify recommended updates to these elements. To the extent appropriate, develop a new proposed structure and submit recommendations for approval by CAEECC. Review and propose any updates to the current governance documents and submit recommendations for approval by CAEECC. The origin of these objectives stem from a preceding WG that were proposed and discussed at the April and June 2022 CAEECC Meetings. Additional detail on the scope of the Evolving CAEECC Draft Prospectus linked above.
  • What is the commitment as a member of the Evolving CAEECC WG?
    The Evolving CAEECC WG will meet virtually via Zoom and is anticipated to convene every 4-5 weeks for 4 hours each from June 2023 - April 2024. The exact dates and timeframe may vary. Members are expected to participate in some pre- and post-meeting work in addition to meeting attendance. View the anticipated workplan on slide 51 of the Meeting #1 Slide Deck.
  • What is the importance of the Evolving CAEECC WG?
    CAEECC is at a pivotal moment where it is examining its purpose and inclusionary practices. The Evolving CAEECC WG is an opportunity to play a critical role to help guide and define what CAEECC is and how it can lead California’s energy efficiency programs towards a just future.
  • How can I participate in the Evolving CAEECC WG?
    Applications for the Evolving CAEECC WG are currently closed. Members of the Working Group are listed in the roster linked under Key Documents. All other stakeholders may join Evolving CAEECC WG Meetings as a member of the public and will be invited to contribute at designated public input opportunities that will be announced via the CAEECC listserv.
  • Who are the Evolving CAEECC Leaders?
    The Evolving CAEECC Leadership Team is a small cohort of folks selected by the Facilitation Team with a mission to keep this WG on track as well as provide a secondary avenue for WG feedback and inclusion. The Leadership Team participates in monthly meetings and will host WG Member check-ins throughout the ECWG process in an effort to foster community and increase collaboration and productivity. Nicole Milner (representing self), Evan Kamei (representing Energy Solutions), and Fabiola Lao (CAEECC member; representing Center for Sustainable Energy)
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