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Evolving CAEECC Working Group

The Evolving CAEECC WG is charged with examining and recommending an alignment of both:

a) the CAEECC’s Purpose, Objectives, Structure, and Processes to California’s state and Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) goals of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion and 
b) CAEECC to the
evolving needs of the energy efficiency regulatory space. 

Meeting Dates

Evolving CAEECC Meeting #1- Thurs, 6-15-2023, 9:30-12:30 (go to Meeting Page) 

Key Documents

5-22-2023 Evolving CAEECC WG Roster (5-25-2023) (Download Roster in Excel)

11-22-2022 Draft Evolving CAEECC WG Prospectus (rev 4-17-2023) (Download PDF Prospectus)

10-24-2022 Compensation Task Force Final Report (11-22-2022) (Download PDF Report)

4-14-2023 Evolving CAEECC WG Recruitment Flyer (Download PDF Flyer)

4-18-2023 Evolving CAEECC WG Application Questions (rev 4-20-2023) (Download PDF Application Questions)

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