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Evolving CAEECC Working Group Meeting #4

Date: Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Time: 9:30am-11am Pacific

Zoom Coordinates:

Meeting ID: 879 5480 1287



Materials Posted Before the Meeting

Evolving CAEECC Meeting #4 Prep Survey Results (posted 11-9-2023) (Download PDF Results)

11-10-2023 Email to Evolving CAEECC Working Group (posted 11-14-2023) (Download PDF Email)

Instructions for Optional Written Opportunity Reflection Compilation (posted 11-15-2023) (Download PDF Instructions)


  • Intro/Welcome

  • Statement by Facilitators: What is happening and why and next steps 

  • Important details to share with everyone

    • Nov 29 Statements for CAEECC

    • Reflections on future CAEECC purpose and ideal process to determine CAEECC purpose

  • Q&A

  • ​Comments/Dialogue 

    • Respectful comments 

    • Invitations to collaborate

    • Appreciations

  • Closing

    • What to expect next (survey and information about submitting reflections)

Materials Posted After the Meeting

11-15-2023 Evolving CAEECC WG Meeting #4 -- Summary (posted 11-20-2023) (Download PDF of Summary)

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