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Input Opportunity: Post Stage-2 Presentations

Post Stage 2 Stakeholder Commenting Instructions


Please use this template [may go directly to your "Downloads" folder] to provide feedback to PAs’ on their presentation materials following their Stage 2 presentations. Providing properly structured input will facilitate consideration and integration of your feedback into the development of PAs' next deliverables.


For Commercial and Residential sectors, please email your input, together with any supporting documents, by May 18, 2016, to with a cc to Stakeholder input on all remaining sector presentations is due by May 25, 2016. The Facilitation Team will make sure that PAs are alerted to your input and, of course, it will be posted to the CAEECC website (under Input & Tracking tab) as well as noted in the Issue Tracker. If you have large files to share that cannot be emailed, please contact the Facilitator to work out a solution.


If you prefer your input to remain anonymous, send your response document(s) by email to, specifically requesting non-attribution for these comments. The facilitation team should not be sent any proprietary or confidential information.


Note: As you comment on PA presentation materials, please keep in mind that PAs were directed to use a specific outline as they developed their Stage 2 presentations. The Stage 2 outline does not precisely match and is less complete than what the PAs expect to present in their Stage 3 drafts. The PAs have mutually agreed to use the same Business Plan outline in drafting their Stage 3 Business Plan chapters.


Business Plans provide high level strategic approaches to market sectors. Your input on Business Plans should address this level discussion. After the Business Plans are filed in September, the Coordinating Committee and subcommittees will discuss the more detailed Implementation Plans, which describe the specifics of how the strategies will be implemented in practice.




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