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This page is no longer being updated as of 11/1/22. For the latest RTRs, please search for “RTR”at

Program Administrator Response to Recommendations (RTR) from 2013-2022
 EM&V Studies*

RTR Tracker Spreadsheet

For more information on the RTR process, view this presentation

* RTR reports demonstrate the Program Administrators' plans and activities to incorporate EM&V evaluation recommendations into programs to improve performance and operations, where applicable. These RTRs are consistent with the 2013-2016 Energy Division-Investor Owned Utility Energy Efficiency Evaluation, Measurement and Verification (EM&V) Plan and CPUC Decision (D.) 07-09-043. The Program Administrators welcome this opportunity to publicly demonstrate how programs are taking advantage of evaluation recommendations, while providing transparency to stakeholders on the “positive feedback loop” between program design, implementation, and evaluation. The RTRs are posted on (click the link in the spreadsheet or search using “RTR” as a key word). To encourage public input, stakeholders may provide comments on this RTR during a public review period of two weeks or until the 15th of the following month, whichever is longer. While comments on the RTRs are welcome and will be carefully considered and the RTR may be revised, no formal written response will be made. Instead, substantive discussion on any response will be deferred to the relevant program working group, currently the California Energy Efficiency Coordinating Committee. Final RTRs will be posted to as an appendix to the original report.

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