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Support for Subcommittee Co-Chairs

  • Facilitation: When the scheduling works out, the Coordinating Committee Facilitator will facilitate subcommittee meetings. When not possible, one of the Coordinating Committee Co-Chairs will facilitate.


  • Note taking: Subcommittee Co-Chairs should try to find a note taker for their meetings. However, if this is not possible, the Coordinating Committee Co-Chairs will cover.


  • Scheduling: The Coordinating Committee Co-Chairs will help secure location and dates, but may lean on Subcommittee Co-Chairs to communicate with their PA sector leads regarding possible dates, confirmation of dates, dates of deliverables, etc.


  • Agenda-setting: Subcommitee Co-Chairs will draft the agenda with the template provided to them by the Facilitator and consult with the Facilitator and Coordinating Committee Co-Chairs prior to posting.   

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