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3/17/2021 - Coordinating Committee Meeting #28:


Date: March 17, 2021 9am-11:45am PDT

Location: Online via Webex (Register below)

The 3/17 Full Quarterly CAEECC meeting will include discussion on a range of topics. To ensure a productive and efficient meeting, we request that you review as many documents as possible before the meeting. We have organized the documents by content area and highlighted the most critical documents to review.

​High-Priority Documents to Review Before the Meeting

3.17.21 Full Quarterly CAEECC Agenda (3.16.21)

3.17.21 Full Quarterly CAEECC Presentation (3.16.21)

Evaluation Responses from Phase II MTWG Survey (Anonymous; 3.3.21)

Evaluation Responses from CAEECC Goals, Roles, Responsibilities & Groundrules Survey (Anonymous; 3.10.21)

Proposed New Enforcement Groundrules (3.10.21)

CAEECC Conflict of Interest Policy (2.10.21)

EE Portfolio Reform CPUC (3-15-21)

Background Documents Related to MTWG Final Report  

Phase II MTWG Final Report 2-1-2021_v2 (3.10.21) 

Background Documents Related to CAEECC Goals, Roles, Responsibilities & Groundrules 

CAEECC Goals, Roles, Responsibilities & Groundrules (2.10.21)

Groundrules Matrix of Feedback on Survey (2.10.21)


Documents Posted After the Meeting  

Full CAEECC Draft Mtg Summary 3.17.2021 (3.23.21)

CAEECC Groundrules Update (5-17-21) 

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