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Week of October 10

Week of October 3

  • Updated Issue Tracker is now posted. Approximately 300 input records have been added to the tracker as a result of numerous comments received recently.  Most new items are from actual stakeholder comments to draft Business Plan Chapters but key comments from both the Ad Hoc Discussion meeting on 9/8 and the CC meeting on 9/21 are also included. The input records are categorized to allow easy “filtering” so that you can, for example, see only “Industrial” input items. In many cases, more context and detail is found in the cross-referenced “source input” document. These are all posted on the website with unique “Input Source Codes” for easy search/locate.

  • Draft Agenda for October 19 CC meeting is posted. There are a number of important topics on the agenda, some of which require previewing materials that will be posted on the meeting webpage by the middle of next week. 

  • Please review the Comprehensiveness Analysis Report Phase I Draft Report. The research effort described in this report is a foray into developing and offering a program effectiveness metric for all Non-residential resource programs called the Depth of Retrofit - Cost Effectiveness (DORCE) metric.  This report will be summarized on October 19 at the CAEECC meeting and we will discuss potential application of this metric in portfolio planning activities.

  • CAEECC webinar to further discuss Statewide Administration lead assignments and piloting of selected statewide downstream programs has been re-scheduled for Friday, October 14. Webinar will take place from 12 noon to 1:00pm. More details to follow.

  • There will be a CAEECC "deep dive" webinar on Tuesday, October 25 from 10:00 to noon to discuss in detail the Residential Sector chapters of the Business Plans submitted on October 18. Webinar details will be posted early next week.

  • On Thursday, October 27 from 1:30 to 2:30pm there will be a "deep dive" webinar to discussion of the substance of the LGSEC Business Plan regarding Statewide Local Government Partnership program to be filed on October 18. Webinar details will be posted early next week.

  • CPUC is hosting an event on October 12 to discuss baselines and formation of working groups. See calendar for more details.

Week of September 26

  • CAEECC webinar scheduled for Friday, September 30 has been cancelled. This webinar was originally planned to further discuss Statewide Administration lead assignments and piloting of selected statewide downstream programs. It will be rescheduled for a date approximately 2 weeks from now (actual date and time tbd).

  • Stakeholder comments and input to draft BP chapters is located here. 

Week of September 19

Week of September 12

Week of September 6

Week of August 28

  • Draft notes from August 9 CC Meeting #8 (may go directly to your "Downloads" folder). Provide comments to by Tuesday, September 6.

  • NEW: September 8 Ad Hoc CC Working Group Discussion on Thursday, September 8. The main objective of the meeting is to allow stakeholders to begin sharing their views on a number of issues arising from the August 18 Final Decision that relate to the PA Business Plans. See 9/8 Ad Hoc Meeting page or Calendar for more details. 

  • The next CC meeting will be held on September 21. The meeting is currently scheduled from 9:00AM to 5:30PM. ABAG will be hosting this meeting in their new San Francisco offices at 375 Beale Street, in the Yerba Buena room (1st floor). Topics will include discussion of the voluntary Business Plan chapters that PAs submit on September 13 and planning for transitions of some programs to Statewide administration. More details coming soon!

  • On behalf of a number of organizations, including CC Members, Ross Nakasone of BlueGreen Alliance provided a letter requesting modification of PG&E's July 13, 2016 CC Meeting presentation on "Codes and Standards Program: Understanding Energy Code Compliance."

  • The Program Administrators with input from the Energy Division have completed a Joint Program Administrators' Proposed Business Plan Metric Framework. Stakeholders are invited to download and review Metric Framework documents in preparation for reviewing imminent Business Plan drafts.

  • Today CAEECC posted links for the first edition of what will be a monthly RTR (Responses to Recommendations) updated tracker prepared as a courtesy for all stakeholders. The spreadsheet summarizes recent RTR documents submitted by Program Administrators with links to the actual RTR files. RTR files describe how Program Administrators intend to respond to feedback provided in recent program evaluations. 

  • Updated Issues Tracking Spreadsheet (as of September 1, 2016) is now posted on the Input & Tracking page (may load directly to your "Downloads" folder)

Week of August 22

Last Thursday, the CPUC unanimously adopted a revised proposed decision: Decision Providing Guidance for Initial Energy Efficiency Rolling Portfolio Business Plan Filings in R.13-11-005.


With the decision finalized, we have posted dates for CC meetings through the end of the year and key milestones for Business Plan Development and Review on the CAEECC Calendar. PG&E will file an advice letter with the updated CC meeting dates.

Week of August 8

Week of August 1

Week of July 25

  • Preliminary Draft Agenda for August 9 CC Meeeting #8. Please review the topics proposed and email by August 2 if you have any proposed additions or changes. Martha Brook of CEC has already proposed an additional discussion topic not reflected in the current draft.

  • CAEECC leadership is developing a straw-person proposal for the new CAEECC Business Plan Development and Review Schedule in view of the PD revised schedule for filing. We’ll discuss and finalize this plan in the August 9 CC Meeting.

  • Save the Date of Wednesday, September 28, 2016 for the next Home Upgrade Working Group meeting (this is not a CAEECC subcommittee meeting). See calendar for more information.

Week of July 18

Week of July 11

  • Comments in response to PA AB 793 Presentations are due Wednesday July 20. Click here for presentations and contacts for comments. 

  • Comments in response to Conceptual Discussion of Business Plan Metrics are due Wednesday, June 20. Send comments to facilitator@caeecc.orgClick here for discussion, presentation and comments.


Documents for July 13 CC Meeting:


Session 1

Session 2


Session 3


Session 4


Session 5


Session 6


Session 7

Week of July 5

  • Draft Agenda for July 13 CC Meeting is posted. As a reminder, this meeting will be held in San Francisco in the California Public Utilities Commission's Golden Gate Room. Check here and the July 13 meeting page on this website for additional meeting materials which will be posted as they become available. Webcast and teleconference information is also posted on this page.

  • Discussion Topic Proposal Forms for the July 13 meeting on due Wednesday, July 6. Please send completed forms to

  • CC Co-Chairs and Facilitators are working with PAs on a new schedule for posting Stage 3/4 Business Plans. Updates to schedule will be posted as theu are finalized. We also plan to discuss revised scheudle for Business Plans at the July 13 meeting.

  • UAFBC Auditors Reports, referenced in Energy Division's May 2016 guidance document in paragraph 3.c. (page 5), are posted on the Regulatory Documents page. 

Week of June 20

  • Locations for upcoming CC Meetings are now set:

    • CC Meeting #7 will take place on July 13 in San Francisco in the California Public Utilities Commission's Golden Gate Room

    • CC Meeting #8 will take place August 9-10 at SDG&E's Energy Innovation Center in San Diego

    • More details to follow

Week of June 13

Week of June 6

  • Deadline for submission of draft Business Plans has been extended to July 25, 2016. Draft Business Plans should be submitted to so they can be posted on the website.

  • The ALJ approved a one-week extension for the filing of comments in response to its "Ruling of Assigned Commissioner and Administrative Law Judge Seeking Input on Approaches for Statewide and Third-Party Programs" (issued May 24, 2016). Deadlines are now June 17 for comments and June 27 for reply comments.

Week of May 31

Week of May 23

Week of May 16

Week of May 9


Week of May 2


Week of April 25

  • PA Stage 2 presentation materials are due according to the schedule below:

Public Sector - Tuesday, April 26

WE&T X-Cutting - Wednesday, April 27

ET and C&S X-Cutting - Thursday, April 28

Industrial Sector - Friday, April 29

Agricultural Sector - Friday, May 6 


  • Below is an updated schedule for May subcommittee meetings. Webcasts will be provided for each meeting for attendees who cannot participate in person. Stage 2 meeting invites will be sent to interested parties and draft agendas (including links and reservation URLs) will be posted on relevant meeting pages approximately one week before each respective subcommittee meeting.


      Date                   Meeting                 Location

      5/2/16        Public SC Meeting              EIC & PEC (Lead facilitation from PEC)

      5/3/16        WE&T SC Meeting               EIC & PEC

      5/4/16       C&S and ET SC Meeting       EIC & PEC (Lead facilitation from PEC)

      5/5/16        Industrial SC Meeting          EIC only

      5/13/16      Agricultural SC Meeting       PEC only


  • Instructions and a new input template for Post-Stage 2 Presentations [may go directly to your "Downloads" folder] are posted. Deadline for input for Commercial and Residential sectors is May 18, 2016. Deadline for input for all other sectors is May 25, 2016. To avoid confusion, the obsolete "Pre-Stage 2 Input" guidance and template have been archived.

  • Dates set for July Coordinating Committee Meetings: Coordinating Commmittee Meetings will be July 12-14, location TBD (Northern California). These meetings will be to discuss PA's first draft Business Plans. May 19 and June 15 Coordinating Commmittee Meetings are still on calendar.

Week of April 18 


Week of April 11


Week of April 4

  • DRAFT Meeting Notes for March 17 Agricultural Sector Subcommittee Meeting (may go directly to your "Downloads" folder) - provide comments to by Thursday, April 14.

  • DRAFT Meeting Notes for March 18 Cross-Cutting Workforce Education & Training Subcommittee Meeting (may go directly to your "Downloads" folder) - provide comments to by Thursday, April 14.

  • Updated calendar: See image below for an updated meeting calendar. Note: See website calendar for more up-to-date meeting schedule.






















Week of March 28

  • CC Meeting #4 will be held on Wednesday March 30 from 1-5pm in the office of Energy Solutions, located at 449 15th Street, Oakland. Webcast and teleconference services will be provided for the meeting. Click here for Agenda.

  • Given the later date of Stage 2 presentations for the other subcommittees, however, we are extending the deadline for Pre-Stage 2 presentation input for Public, Agricultural, Industrial, Codes & Standards, Emerging Technologies and Workforce Education & Training sectors until April 12. Input received after these deadlines may not be considered in time for the PAs' Stage 2 presentations, but will be captured for later consideration.

  • Dates for Stage 2 non-res/com subcommittee meetings have been set as follows:

      5/2 - Public (NorCal and SoCal)

      5/3 - Workforce Education & Training (NorCal and SoCal)

      5/4 - Codes & Standards and Emerging Technologies (NorCal and SoCal)

      5/5 - Industrial (SoCal and webinar)

      5/13 - Agricultural and follow up webinar for Public with in-person option                (Fresno and webinar)

      More information to follow


Week of March 21

  • DRAFT Meeting Notes for March 15 CC Meeting #3 (may go directly to your "Downloads" folder) - provide comments to by Monday, March 28.

  • We want your input: In you are interested in providing input to Program Administrators before they prepare their Stage 2 Business Plan development presentations, click here. Deadline for input for Commerical and Residential sectors is March 31, 2016. 

  • DRAFT Meeting Notes for March 15 Cross-Cutting: Codes & Standards and Emerging Technologies Subcommittee Meeting (may go directly to your "Downloads" folder) - provide comments to by Friday, April 1.

  • DRAFT Meeting Notes for March 17 Industrial Sector Subcommittee Meeting (may go directly to your "Downloads" folder) - provide comments to by Friday, April 1.

  • DRAFT Meeting Notes for March 16 Public Sector Subcommittee Meeting (may go directly to your "Downloads" folder) - provide comments to by Friday, April 1.


Week of March 15

  • Input on March meetings: Please send input to on any/all of the meetings that occurred week of March 15. Meeting notes will be posted here for review week of March 21. 

  • Stage 2 update: PAs are hard at work on Stage 2 of developing their Business Plans, including identifying key problem statements and support for these statements, proposing solutions and metrics to measure progress of solutions, and outlining what partners will be leveraged for these efforts. Click here for draft template (it may go directly to your "Downloads" folder) provided to the PAs and send any comments to

  • Updated proposed calendar: See image below for a proposed updated calendar for Stage 2 and Stage 3 based on PA and non-PA feedback. This information will be added to the website calendar as they are confirmed.





Week of January 22, 2018

  • SCE has provided material from the Cost Effectiveness Tool Training in December:

    • Cost Effectiveness Overview and Calculator (PowerPoint presentation, may go directly to your "Downloads" folder)

    • CET Training video (posted on PEPMA site)

Week of January 8, 2018

  • PG&E is hosting an Energy Efficiency Solicitations Matchmaker event to better prepare third party vendors for partnering opportunities on January 31, from 1:00-4:30pm. Due to space limitations, registration is on a first come first-served basis and limited to no more than two people per organization. Click here to register for the event. More information, including Agenda, are provided on the CAEECC calendar.


Week of December 11

  • Reminder: Energy Efficiency Cost Effectiveness Tool (CET) Training is this Wednesday, December 13, from 8:30am-12:00pm, at PG&E's Pacific Energy Center (851 Howard Street, San Francisco). More information is included on CAEECC's calendar. Click for In-person registration or Webinar registration.

Week of November 27

  • Supplemental Annual Program Administrator Advice Letters are posted here.

Week of November 20

Week of November 13

Week of October 30

Week of October 23

  • Click here for Q&As prepared by PG&E as a follow up to its Solicitation Training in September. 

  • Save the date for PG&E's Cost Effectiveness Tool (CET) Training on December 13, 2017 at the Pacific Energy Center. More details (including agenda) will be provided later. 

  • PG&E has posted a new Contract Opportunity Announcement on PEPMA. The COA is for RFP no. 74435 for Residential Pay for Performance Program Aggregators. Interested bidders need to contact PG&E by Monday, November 6, 2017.

Week of September 25

  • PG&E has issued a Request for Information (RFI) to identify companies with the ability to provide one or more of the necessary services to manage the Deemed Products Portfolio (DPP) for PG&E or other program administrators, in order to identify qualified companies for participation in a possible future Request for Proposal (RFP) for the work. Click here for more information (scroll down to Event No. 2 Request for Information - Deemed Products Portfolio). Deadline to register is October 4, 2017 COB.

Week of September 18

  • Draft agenda and remote access information for September 28 CAEECC ad hoc meeting to review the work conducted to date by the California Behavior Working Group is now posted on the 9/28 Meeting page.

  • Register now Women Energy Associates program: Future Trends in Utility Energy Efficiency Programs on October 18 from 6pm - 9pm at PG&E's Pacific Energy Center. Find more information here.

Week of August 28

  • On Thursday, September 28, CAEECC will host an ad hoc meeting to review the work conducted to date by the California Behavior Working Group. The meeting will take place at PG&E's Pacific Energy Center in San Francisco from 9am-Noon. Attached is the Meeting Discussion Topic Proposal Form submitted by PG&E. More details to follow here and on the 9/28 Meeting page.

Week of August 21

  • Register Now for Secrets to Successful Proposals for Upcoming Solicitations in California. The California Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs) and the California Efficiency + Demand Management Council have partnered to offer a series of one-day training courses to help companies build better bids in the upcoming solicitations for energy efficiency programs. The first training course will be hosted by PG&E on September 18. This event is free but registration is required to participate. More information in Calendar.

Week of August 14

  • Notes from the August 14 ad hoc Q&A meeting regarding Third-Party Solicitation Proposals are posted on the 8/14 Meeting page. They may go directly to your "Downloads" folder.

Week of August 7

  • CAEECC is holding a 2-hour Q&A ad hoc meeting on August 14 at NRDC for stakeholders to ask the IOUs, SoCalREN, ORA, and CEE questions about their Third-Party Solicitation Proposals to inform party comments that are due on August 18. Click here for more information about the 8/14 Meeting. 

  • Click here for PA Third-Party Solicitation Submissions, filed August 4, 2017.

  • Click here for Stakeholder Third-Party Solicitation Proposals, filed August 4, 2017 by Coalition for Energy Efficiency and Office of Ratepayer Advocates.

Week of July 31 

  • SDG&E intends to release AB793 Energy Management Programs Request for Proposals (RFP) in mid-August 2017, and will host a Bidder’s Conference Webinar shortly thereafter. Click here for an overview of the AB793 program and the RFP.

Week of July 24 

New documents posted this week:

Week of July 17

Week of July 3

Week of June 19

  • Southern California Gas Company has posted to PowerAdvocate a Request for Abstract (RFA) to design and implement a Residential energy Management Technology Solution Program (REMTS). Click here for more information. Bidder web-conference is scheduled for Friday, June 23, 10am-12pm.

  • PG&E has made a Contract Opportunity Announcement for Strategic Energy Management (SEM) Third Party (3P) Program Implementer. Click here for more information posted by PG&E. Click here for information on PEPMA. The deadline for reply has been extended to June 26, 2017.

  • Agenda for June 30 Ad Hoc Energy Efficiency Metrics Workshop is now posted on 6/30 Meeting page. WebEx and Call In details will be provided shortly. Meeting time is 9:30am to 5:00pm.

Week of June 12

Week of June 5

  • Agenda for CAEECC's June 14 Ad Hoc Energy Efficiency Metrics Workshop follow up meeting is posted on the June 14 Meeting page. Due to space limitations, we encourage you to participate virtually. If you do plan to attend in person, please limit attendance by your organization to 2 people. 

Week of May 29

  • As a follow up to the Energy Efficiency Metrics workshop on May 26, 2017, CAEECC will be holding a meeting on June 14, 2017 at the ABAG offices in San Francisco from 9am-5pm. Agenda will be posted on the 6/14 Meeting page within the next week. Please limit your organization's participation to two people due to space constraints. Contact with questions.

Week of May 22

  • SDG&E intends to release Strategic Energy Management (SEM) Request for Proposals (RFP) in early June 2017, and will host a Bidder’s Conference Webinar shortly thereafter. Click here for more information.

Week of April 24

  • Request for Proposal for Energy Efficiency Coordinating Committee Facilitator has been issued. Click here for more information. 

  • Notes from the April 19 CC Meeting are now posted on the 4/19 Meeting pageNotes are posted with each respective session. Please provide comments to by Monday, May 8. Notes will be finalized at that time. 

Week of April 17

  • New and revised documents, including Final Agenda, for the April 19 CC Meeting have been posted on the 4/19 Meeting page. Please review before the meeting so we are ready for substantive discussion. 

  • Click here for the CPUC's April 14, 2017 Scoping Memo and Ruling of Assigned Commissioner and Administrative Law Judges.

Week of April 10

  • Draft Agenda and other documents for the April 19 CC Meeting are posted in the 4/19 Meeting page. The meeting is scheduled from 9:30am - 4:30m at PG&E's Pacific Energy Center in San Francisco. 

  • To review Data Requests propounded by ORA and TURN, and responses of PG&E, SDG&E, SCE and SCG thereto, check out the Discovery page

Week of March 27

  • Draft notes from the March 17 CC Ad Hoc Working Group Meeting are now posted on the 3/17 Meeting page. Notes are posted on the respective documents discussed, and are designated "with notes" where applicable. Please provide comments to by Monday, March 10. Notes will be finalized at that time. 

Week of March 20

  • CPUC's Custom Programs Workshop is this Friday, March 24 at 10am. Agenda will be posted on Tuesday, March 21. To retrieve the agenda, type "Phase III Custom" in the search text box. Call-in and webcast information is included on the CAEECC Calendar

  • The California Energy Efficiency Industry Council is holding its Spring Symposium on April 25 at the David Brower Center in Berkeley. This year's theme is Integrating Efficiency and Demand Response into California's Distributed Energy Future. Click here for full agenda. Click here to register.

  • ORA's Data Request No. 1 and PG&E's responses thereto are now posted under Discovery

Week of March 6

Week of February 27

  • Updated Issue Tracking Spreadsheet including Aggregated PA Resolution Summaries, as well as separate input resolution summaries provided by MCE, LGSEC and SoCalREN, are now posted on the Issue Trackers page under BP and IP Info.

Week of February 20

Week of February 6

Week of January 30

Week of January 23

  • The RENS have filed their Business Plans. Click here for copies of all Business Plans filed by the Program Administrators. 

Week of January 16

  • The IOU and Marin Clean Energy Business Plans were filed with the CPUC on Tuesday, January 17. Click here for copies of filed Business Plans and “Notices of Availability,” which provide access to additional documents supporting the Business Plans. 

  • ALJ Julie Fitch has provided clarification no the filing procedures for REN Business Plans due Monday, January 23. Read her January 19 email here.

  • Tentatively scheduled CC meetings in February and March have been cancelled. The next CC meeting is scheduled for April 19 in the Bay Area. More details will be provided for this meeting later. There will be a CC Ad Hoc Working Group Meeting on March 3 in the Bay Area to address 2017 process issues, such as implementation planning process, quarterly reporting, and other related matters. 

Week of January 9

Week of December 26

Week of December 19

  • Updated Agenda, Call in Information and Documents for the Ad Hoc EE PRG/IE Working Group Meeting are posted on the 12/21 Meeting page

Week of December 12

  • SoCalGas has posted its Transition Plan to Achieve 60% Third-Party Requirement. There is no official CAEECC comment process, but please reach out directly to Erin Palermo at SoCalGas with comments and questions by December 16. 

  • Comments on the draft EE Procurement Review Group/Independent Evaluator (EE PRG/IE) proposal are due December 14 to The Ad Hoc EE PRG/IE Working Group will meet on December 21 to discuss the revised draft and discuss how to put that document into the record for Commission consideration.

  • The latest version of the Conflict of Interest (COI) Policy was approved and adopted by the Coordinating Committee during the December 7 meeting. All future CAEECC events and participation must be conducted in accordance with these policies and procedures. 

  • It was decided during the December 7 meeting that work would stop on the draft Comparison Document due to objections from several members to the overall concept. The draft document has been amended to include language confirming that it is an unofficial draft and does not necessarily reflect the positions of CC members.

  • The CC is not drafting a joint Policy Letter. It was agreed at the December 7 meeting that Parties who are interested in including parts of draft content initially developed for the now-terminated Policy Letter in their January and February filings and protests, can contact directly for more information. This draft content has not, however, been vetted by the CC and therefore is not posted on the CAEECC website.

  • We were not able to hold the discussion scheduled for Session 5 during the December 7 CC meeting about 2017 Subcommittee activities. However, we encourage stakeholders to review the draft "Utilization of CAEECC Subcommittees to Support CAEECC Mission and Process in 2017" and send comments to by December 21. CAEECC will pick this topic up again in February.

  • Matt Evans of SCE presented a PA plan to conduct "Bottom-Up Program Analysis" of recent programs to help inform future portfolio design. Comments are welcome on this proposal. Please send your thoughts to by December 16.

  • Please refer to the Statewide Administration page for three letters that came in this week recommending K-12 energy efficiency programs in schools.

Week of December 5

Week of November 28

  • Thank you to the many stakeholders who submitted written comments on the draft Business Plans. We received 126 comment documents! These comments documents are posted in a long list at the bottom portion of the page and are also posted on separate pages for each PA with links under the “Input by Program Administrator” heading. We parsed this stakeholder input into over 900 individual issues and loaded them in the Issue Tracking Spreadsheet for PA consideration.   

  • Input on the LGSEC Statewide Local Government Partnership Program is posted separately and all comments have been forwarded to the Local Government Commission for their consideration. 

  • The draft Agenda for the December 7 CC meeting is posted on the meeting page for CC member review and input. Additional information and meeting documents are posted on the 12/7 meeting page for review and consideration prior to next week’s CC meeting.

  • Additional Reminders: 

    • Tuesday, November 29: Comments on the topic list for the Policy Letter and Comparison Document

    • Wednesday, November 30: Comments on deferred elements of draft BPs (for example, solicitation plan, etc.)

    • Thursday, December 1: Comments on SCE's draft BP 

Send comments and input to We will post all comments on the CAEECC website.

  • See Calendar for information on CPUC Strategic Energy Management Workshop, December 16, 2016 from 10:00am-1:30pm.

  • Updated Issue Tracking Spreadsheet is posted. The most recent version includes comments received December 1 regarding SCE Draft Business Plan.

Week of November 21

Week of November 14

Week of November 7

Week of October 31

Week of October 24

Reminder regarding meetings this week:

Week of February 12, 2018

A formal full CAEECC meeting focusing on objectives for the year and introduction of a new facilitator team in the morning; and standard and negotiable contract terms per D.18-01-004 in the afternoon

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